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BEAUTY OF JOSEON Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal


Hello everyone! 💓

With the changing seasons, I've observed shifts in my skin, particularly around my eyes (hello there, those stubborn dark circles!)

Today, we are going to talk about the BEAUTY OF JOSEON Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal.

I'm pretty sure this particular product has been all over social media especially - TikTok. So, let's get deeper to know about this product more!

The  BEAUTY OF JOSEON Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal is designed to improve wrinkles around the sensitive eye area with this nourishing eye serum.

It's formulated with retinol liposome to enhance skin elasticity and ginseng root extract to boost hydration. Non-sticky formula glides on smoothly and is absorbed quickly into skin.

Ginseng is known for its benefits to enhance blood vessel circulation, which in turn may stimulate collagen production and contribute to skin firmness. The antioxidant properties of ginseng assist in shielding the skin from environmental pollutants. Absent this protective barrier, pollutants could accumulate within pores or trigger melanocyte activity, potentially leading to issues like hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns.

Price: $26

Size: 30ml

How to use: Dispense a proper amount onto finger, apply and gently tap around the eye area for further absorption.

Upon few days of usage,  it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, and velvety, all without causing any irritation. However, if you're new to retinoids, it's advisable to begin gradually and carefully assess your skin's response. The formula is mild. I've observed a subtle brightening effect, and the small fine lines under my lower lid appear to be less visible.

Overall, this eye cream has been a part of my skin care routine and I'll keep continue using it until the last drop. Here's a cool tip: for an added dose of refreshing de-puffing benefits, store it in the fridge! 💓

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