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our first store

16 Victoria street, Wellington Central

Fast forward to MAY 2023, and we made the decision to expand into the physical realm with a store in Wellington's bustling CBD. The journey from that point to our Grand Opening Day, has been a mix of excitement and nerves.

6TH MAY 2023

On this date, we made the bold decision to open Bebyhada's first physical store in Wellington. This small but charming space was thoughtfully designed to provide customers with an inviting environment to explore and indulge in the world of K-Beauty.

JULY 2023

First Recruitment Process

After a few months of our founders working on their own, finally, we are able to get extra hands by opening our first job vacancy. We are thrilled to announce that the girls have joined the team, and their presence has added even more shine to our company. This growth is a testament to the success of our business, allowing us the opportunity to expand and welcome new members to our journey.

We initially operated as an online store founded by two passionate individuals (one is a camera shy and not in the picture) — and now, we’ve grown into a charming physical store in the heart of Wellington City.

Come by and say hello at 16 Victoria Street, Wellington Central. We have loads of testers for you to try before buying!

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